How We Help…

If you are faced with a facility decision and want to make certain you maximize the value of a strategic location solution, please contact us to discuss your needs.


Site Selection Services

  • Site location analysis and comparison of the following decision factors:
    •  real estate availability and occupancy/acquisition costs
    •  surrounding and adjacent use limitations on potential facility locations
    •  labor availability and estimated costs, presence of desired skill sets, compatible skill sets resident in the region, “employer of choice” opportunity, existing industry satisfaction level of local workforce
    •  taxation on real estate, machinery and equipment, corporate earnings, special assessments and impact fees, sales tax
    •  utility rates, availability, reliability and delivery schedule for power, water and sewer, gas
    •  transportation costs (through a third-party consultant)
    •  entitlement and permitting processes and perceived difficulty
    • financial health and economic stability of local/state government
    • political support from state and local government
    • presence and history of similar businesses in region
    • other key requirements which drive success for your business
  • Incentive identification, comparison and strategic negotiation in advance of formalizing binding agreements
  • Negotiation/acquisition support of real property solutions
  • Assistance with state and local governing authorities for key entitlements and permits
  • Identification and procurement of additional resources for design, engineering, legal, environmental, and specialized consulting services

Summary of Our Process

The understanding and utilization of a strategic site selection process is the fundamental skill for a which a consultant is sought.  No two assignments are ever identical, even for repeat clients, as we strongly believe the process should periodically evolve to address industry trends and economic factors. However, we generally follow the straightforward, disciplined process below in order to arrive at an optimal solution:

  • Invest the time to consider what location considerations will affect your business at the present time and in the future. Our experience will prompt you and your team to consider factors you would likely not otherwise deem relevant.
  • Reach a consensus on which location factors will be investigated and measured during the location study. Prioritize those which have the greatest impact on success and confirm those which can be reasonably compromised, if necessary.
  • Analyze any critical factors which will influence an initial master search area, such as logistics considerations, customer service levels, and proximity to required raw materials and/or key markets.
  • Create an RFP (“Request for Proposals”) document generic as to identity of client/user, once an initial search area has been defined which is targeted for state and regional Economic Developers. This will define the requirement in detail and seeks responses in the form of location solutions which meet the desired requirements as closely as possible.
  • Review the RFP responses as presented and determine those which are worthy of first-hand inspection. Review those deemed to be of interest in person and gather enough preliminary data to narrow options into a working short list of pre-determined length.
  • Confirm short-listed options with client stakeholder team and investigate full list of acquisition, operating, occupancy, and labor costs, along with statutory incentive awards. Review detailed comparison with client along with other critical non-quantifiable factors.
  • Rank options in terms of desirability and confirm strategy and execution plan for negotiating formal control of real estate and incentive awards.
  • Implement due diligence investigation, acquire critical entitlements and permits, and formalize incentive awards once property is under formal control.
  • Assemble local team of design, legal, engineering, environmental, construction management, and specialty consulting expertise as required for acquisition and facility delivery.

Consulting Fees

Our client needs, assignments and the time required to perform will vary significantly, as will the fees charged for our services. Here is what you should know about our fees when considering engaging our services:

  • We are compensated based on the time required to complete an assignment on our client’s behalf. We are not compensated via a commission which is contingent on a transaction occurring. We strongly believe this results in  a completely unbiased advocacy for our clients business interests.
  • We are a small business with low overhead. This allows our fees to be highly competitive and reflective of an excellent value proposition to our clients.
  • We structure our services to make sure there are frequent opportunities to communicate progress, confirm direction and avoid the pursuit solutions which will ultimately be of little interest.  We are not interested in having you engage us for a scope of work or duration for which you are not totally comfortable.
  • We do not mark up expenses for travel or sub-consultants. They are passed along to our clients at our cost.