What Our Clients Say…



Successfully managing the site selection process involves the need for effective interaction with a diverse group of constituents. Our experience and contact network across the country has resulted in many strong relationships with the Economic Development community and a wide variety of professional resources which might benefit your particular needs. We trust you will see that the various testimonials below reflect our knowledge of the many inter-connected aspects of the site selection process, a focus on facilitating a solution, and effective interaction with the many organizations and individuals we connect with.


Making sure we exceed our clients expectations is a constant focus. If we finish an assignment that does not result in a clients willingness to provide a referral, we simply have not done our job.

“We hired Scott to help us execute a search for an optimal location and property solution for what will be our second manufacturing facility to serve our growth in the eastern US. He explained very early on that his process involved an effective and thorough means to solicit properties from regions of interest and a strategy to review and thoughtfully narrow candidate options through a process of elimination. He not only delivered on his search process commitments, but also very quickly understood the importance of our brand and corporate values and placed a value on locations which would contribute to and complement the Traditional Medicinals story. He took the time early in the process to ask about and gain an understanding of our corporate philosophy, business metrics and labor needs in order to better ascertain which communities would give us the best chance of being an employer of choice.

Scott worked closely and effectively with all members of our corporate team and integrated his work process seamlessly into our own. He was always prepared in his communications with us and our visits to the various communities we considered. His experience in working in many states made him with highly familiar with economic development organizations and people who contributed a great deal to our search. I took note of how he pushed them to be a prepared as possible to win our project, while reminding them that their efforts were appreciated and not taken for granted.

With Scott’s help, we were able to find a property in the Roanoke Virginia region, on which we look forward to planning our new facility. Without hesitation, I would highly encourage other business leaders facing a site selection decision to contact Scott.”

         Blair Kellison – Chief Executive Officer, Traditional Medicinals – Sebastopol, CA


“ I first met Scott in 2008 when as Green Mountain Coffee, we were looking for help to find a location for our first coffee roasting and packaging facility outside of our original home in Vermont. He helped us find and acquire a building in Knoxville, TN where we still operate today.  He helped us locate 4 others across the US to accommodate our growth over the past twelve years. On each occasion he has worked with us, Scott has consistently looked for ways to improve the way he could modify his search process to address our various operating needs at that point in our history, and was never shy about sharing advice with us over what he had learned from other assignments. He continues to apply a well-conceived search process that keeps us focused and results in location decisions we are able to make with well-informed confidence.

Through growth, acquisition and merger, our organization, operating needs and in-house expertise has grown considerably since we started working with Scott. Along the way, he has been an excellent partner and especially good at effectively integrating what he provides with our own team and other legal and technical entities we’ve engage with, some of whom were identified with Scott’s help. His experience has resulted in his understanding of how to work effectively on an independent basis, while never leaving his client poorly informed or dis-engaged at critical points in the process. I have shared Scott’s name with other firms in our industry and will continue to do so with the utmost confidence.”

Jason King – Vice President, Operational Design & Engineering Emerging Technologies,  Keurig Dr. Pepper

Economic Developers

Economic Development professionals are key participants in the process. If utilized properly, they can bring tremendous resources to the search process. A site consultants role must include significant experience in working effectively with these professionals, an ability to identify the best available for a particular assignment and a clear understanding of how they and their organizations function.

“ I recently worked with Scott on a project that chose our region for a new food and beverage processing facility. It was clear early on that Scott’s knowledge of our regional brand and his long-standing connections with our state and regional economic development teams led to a carefully structured recommendation of our region for initial consideration. Once his client showed interest, he skillfully used his knowledge to compare and narrow the various community/property solutions in our region and helped his client make a very well-informed decision they clearly were excited about.

Over the course of the project, Scott asked quite a bit of our team, but worked collaboratively to make sure we were well prepared for visits, provided information that was applicable to the review and analysis needed at the time and gave us as much insight as possible as to where we stood competitively. Among the many site selectors I have worked with, Scott exhibited especially strong client advocacy, focus on the region’s fit with his client’s brand message and knowledge of the distinct needs of the food & beverage industry. The site selection process for both his client and our team was enhanced by his facilitation.”

         Beth Doughty – Executive Director, Roanoke Regional Partnership


“ Scott worked with our organization while engaged to provide site selection services for Almark Foods, who were looking for a community & specific site to build a new processing facility to serve growing west-coast demand for their products. Prior to the Almark  project, Scott had been to Yuma on visits for other clients and had taken the time to really understand the unique aspects of our border economy, labor availability and existing industry strengths. It became clear early in Almark’s search process that he had taken note of what Yuma has to offer and convinced  Almark to consider Yuma, even though they were originally focused on other larger metro areas.

Once Almark decided to focus on Yuma, Scott worked quickly to finalize and coordinate a specific site acquisition, state and local incentives and approvals needed before a formal land closing. To do this he needed to be an effective intermediary between his client, various parts of our local government, The Arizona Commerce Authority, And Almark’s legal and design/build partners. He managed an aggressive schedule effectively, communicated thoughtfully with our team and went before our City Council to present a summary of the project for final incentive approval. In addition to having a strong grasp of the site selection process, Scott has a knack for making all those involved in a project,  feel like they are part of a team. I look forward to another chance to work with him again.”

Julie Engel – President/CEO, Greater Yuma EDC


“I have worked with Scott on multiple project opportunities over the past several years, all of which have involved companies within the Food and Beverage industry, the industry segment which I cover for North Carolina’s Economic Development organization. During my time in this role, I have clearly seen the positive impact a skilled and experienced  site selector can have on the overall search and selection process, not only for their client, but for Economic Developers as well.

 Relative to other Site Consultants who I have worked with, Scott consistently stands out based on his attention to thoughtful preparation, ability to communicate meaningful detail, and depth of knowledge within the food industry. He tends to advocate very strongly for the immediate and future needs of his clients, and makes an effort to be transparent and open in his communication with economic development partners in working toward the best fit for a client.”

 Laura  Johnson Lee – Business Recruitment Manager – Food Processing

 Economic Development Partnership of North Carolina


Architects & Engineers

Architects and Engineers from various disciplines (civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, fire protection, environmental) can play a crucial role in helping evaluate an existing building, development site or key entitlement or permit requirement. Understanding existing conditions with detailed technical insight and more importantly, the implications on future construction and operations, must be analyzed in a timely manner and mitigated while leverage exists. Our 12 years of experience in a full service architectural and engineering firm has provided us with the knowledge of how to identify the best firm for a particular assignment and integrate them effectively into the team.

“We had the opportunity of working with Kupperman Location Solutions (KLS) in 2011 while being considered as the Design Team for a large, local food-service facility being developed by an out-of-state Client. KLS was charged with developing the list of potential candidates to be considered by the Client and made the first contact for the initial background reviews. We found the handling of the initial contact by KLS to be reflective of a firm that completely understood the intricate relationships between an Architect and his Consultants as well as the manner in which a Design Team works with their Client. KLS’s ability to quickly narrow down a list of qualified firms with very little time and/or local knowledge was impressive to say the least.Once selected, our first responsibility was to assist with the property acquisition team. The purchase was a very complex, complicated yet fast paced effort wherein KLS exhibited a clear grasp of the process, the politics, the players and the steps necessary to complete the transaction. Their handling of the direct communications with brokers, the seller and the buyer were never questioned and ultimately resulted in all parties satisfied and an on-time closing.Should the opportunity arise, Cox, Kliewer & Company, P.C. and the rest of our Design Team would not hesitate working together again with Kupperman Location Solutions.Interested parties should feel free to contact me directly to discuss any part of our experience. We would be pleased to offer a verbal or written reference.”

            Gerald (Jerry) Cox –  President,  Cox, Kliewer & Company  Virginia Beach, VA

“Having worked with Scott for the better part of seven years, I was fortunate enough to be a part of several site selection teams with him.  What I learned is that Scott has a very complete understanding of all of the issues associated with a site selection exercise, including some of the most technical ones.  In my case that meant understanding the ways in which site utility, permitting, parking, grading and other site civil engineering issues played into the suitability of a particular site.  This gave Scott the ability to use those findings as negotiating points or to very quickly identify “deal killers”.  That complete understanding allows him to push the right buttons on behalf of his clients to make sure that they are selecting the most appropriate site for their specific development and their overall business.”

           John O’Neill –  Vice President- Operations Manager,  Michael Baker Corporation


With few exceptions, one or multiple attorneys will become part of the team during the selection process. Whether it is the clients’s own in-house counsel, a law firm providing corporate advisory, real estate transactional services, formalization incentive agreements, or a specialized counsel who has been engaged to assist with entitlements, critical operating permits or environmental matters, we have experience and a history of working effective with the legal profession.

“I was one of several attorneys in my firm that represented a major consumer products firm several years ago, for whom Scott Kupperman provided Site Selection services. He displayed a high level of experience and a very active role in both the property transaction and incentive finalization process, so we our efforts were tied together for a significant part of the project duration. I can say that Scott strikes exactly the right balance that companies should seek in a location consultant.  He represents his clients aggressively and effectively, but he does so fairly and with respect for the communities he is evaluating and the numerous professionals he encounters in working on a project.  He thinks a step ahead, ensuring that his clients do not face surprises, and he is effective in coordinating and leading teams of other advisors.  As our paths crossed after the projects conclusion, it became clear that he is widely respected for his experience and knowledge of the food and beverage industry, and he is a highly regarded speaker on trends and developments in that sector. I have no hesitation offering the highest recommendation of Scott to firms seeking site location selection services.”

Will Johnson – Haynsworth Sinkler Boyd,  Columbia, SC


“I am Chairman of our firm’ s Zoning and Land Use Practice Group which consists of 23 attorneys in seven of our U.S. offices. In that capacity, I have had the opportunity to work with a large number of consultants on many corporate expansions, re-locations, and acquisitions. Over the course of the last nine months, I have had occasion to work closely with Scott Kupperman  of Kupperman Location Solutions on a new manufacturing and distribution facility for Green Mountain Coffee Roasters in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. This project has resulted in over $180 million capital investment by the company and will eventually produce over 800 well paying jobs in the greater Hampton Roads area.
Scott demonstrated great experience in the selection of this site and the elimination of others considered by the company. Upon completion of the selection process, Scott continued to play a critical role in coordinating with the seller’s representative, local counsel, and the company. Scott was particularly attuned to the legal constraints and contingencies that would be associated with a large acquisition of this nature and displayed a similar concern for the other development components for this property. As local counsel, I can attest that Scott always understood the role of local counsel and the client’s corporate team. Frankly, it is my observation that all of the parties had so much respect for Scott’s
abilities and experience, they often let Scott play a lead role on the many issues affecting the deal. Scott communicated effectively and maintained confidentiality with the client in a manner most uncharacteristic of many consultants. It is clear to me that he had the complete faith and confidence of the client. I would not hesitate to work with Scott again and, in fact, I have recommended Scott to other companies engaged in a similar process for their companies.”

R.J. Nutter II –  Troutman Sanders, LLP  Virginia Beach, VA

Real Estate Brokers

Depending on the location and property ownership structure, a Real Estate broker(s) may play an important role in acquiring property. Their form of involvement may be as a listing agent for property under consideration for purchase and/or lease by your organization. Our experience in working effectively in these situations by communication effectively, maintaining client confidentiality and understanding the Real Estate transaction process has been of value to many of our clients.

In some locations, we may suggest engaging the services of a Real Estate professional to help identify potential property solutions if there is a concern that options may be available which have not been conveyed by other means. We have facilitated these situations by identifying and recommending capable Real Estate professionals in a particular region, formalizing their responsibilities, managing their activities and communications and maintaining desired confidentiality.

In either of the circumstances described above, it is critical to understand the capabilities  and expectations of Real Estate professionals in order to maintain a mutually beneficial relationship which facilitates a transaction.

“I am an industrial broker in the Seattle market and had the opportunity to work with Mr. Kupperman in a brokerage capacity identifying industrial properties for one of his clients as they sought candidate locations for a new manufacturing and distribution facility to serve the Northwest. Scott demonstrated a thorough understanding for effectively utilizing brokers in a particular market to utilize their expertise and market knowledge for the greatest benefit to the client.  Throughout the process, Scott was the main point of communication between his client, landlord, and me, very effectively isolating obstacles and creating solutions.  The client was very sensitive to the community and local municipality and Scott assisted in all levels of communication to help create a partnership among all parties.It was a pleasure to work with Scott; he eased a complicated process, facilitated multiple layers of client communication, and created a path to get the deal done.”

           Jim Honan –  Principal,  Neil Walter Company

Property Owners/Developers

Every location solution will require the acquisition and ultimate occupancy (leasehold or owned) of an existing facility, construction of a new facility, renovation/expansion of existing space or some combination thereof.  Our Real Estate background and experience have benefited clients through effective and confidential communication and negotiation with property (land and/or building) owners, facilitating and expediting the transaction process and our ability to organize and lead a team effort involving the necessary legal, design and engineering resources, all the while working effectively with the property owner and their representatives.

“Our firm, Pacolet Milliken, sold several hundred acres in a Spartanburg, SC-area industrial park to a nationally recognized client Scott was representing as a site consultant. The transaction included provisions for significant road and utility improvements to be performed by us, the owner, as well as use compatibility guarantees. It was obvious that Scott’s client trusted him to evaluate and compare our property against other multi-state options and confidentially manage the investigations needed to help understand the timing and likely cost of each property alternative. Once under contract, Scott also played a major role in coordinating the timing of the property transaction with the negotiation and approval of significant incentive awards from state and local governments.

Our business involves master planning, development and sale of land parcels to industrial users. We have found that these complicated transactions are facilitated when the purchaser is assisted by an advisor who has the knowledge of how the legal, technical and business aspects of a land purchase fit together. The experience to help negotiate business terms that both support the purchaser’s interests and the goals of the property seller are also vital. Scott clearly played these roles in our transaction and we would look forward to doing business with him in a similar capacity in the future.”

Jennifer Calabria – Director of Land Development, Pacolet Milliken, LLC