Kupperman Location Solutions


The visionary architects who in 1916, designed the first retail buildings commonly noted as the first planned shopping center in the US, were aware even then of the profound impact location has on the success of a business.

Kupperman Location Solutions – “KLS” – was founded by Scott Kupperman in July of 2011 and chose this historic location as our home for a corporate consulting entity providing site-selection and associated facility-acquisition services across the U.S.  This initiative was driven by the desire to independently utilize 12 years of site- selection experience, client relationships and nationwide contacts and resources developed at a highly respected, Chicago-based architectural, engineering, and construction management firm.

Our capabilities make us particularly well suited to provide a very strong value proposition for clients in need of warehouse, distribution and light manufacturing facility solutions. We have a history of serving clients with a variety of product types with specific manufacturing and distribution needs, including many in the food sector, and other light manufacturing type operations.

What you can and should expect from KLS…

  • Complete and focused advocacy for your business needs and interests
  • A compensation structure void of conflict of interest between KLS and you as the client
  • Commitment to taking the time and effort to understand your business and how it may be affected by a location solution
  • Consistent, thoughtful and proactive communication, regardless of whether it may be pleasant to hear
  • Complete confidentiality by precluding any unwanted disclosure of corporate identities, products, plans and intentions during search and investigative activities
  • Commitment to facilitating a solution for your business through experience, resources and the pursuit of superior solutions, focused on your future success
  • Focus on achieving significant savings of project and operating costs, implementation schedules and property utilization

Why use KLS?

  • We will not agree to perform your assignment unless we are certain we can exceed your expectations in the required time duration.
  • Much of our business is the result of referrals. We will strive to perform in a manner that leads you to voice similar praise to your industry peers and constituents.
  • Site selection is an entirely un-regulated process learned through experience.  We have performed these services many times over and place a priority on recognizing opportunity for your business, avoiding potential challenges (regardless of whether they currently exist), asking meaningful questions and identifying quality resources who add value and expertise to the acquisition process.
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